A Call to be on High Alert during this Season of Ramadan, June 6 – July 5, 2016

I know I am late on this awareness of the dangers during Ramadan. But two horrendous events woke me up. One on June 6th, when it was reported that ISIS had burned alive 19 Yazidi girls and women who refused to have sex with their ISIS captors.1 The second was the Islamic terrorist attack at the gay nightclub known as the Pulse in Orlando – killing over 50 people. This took place early in the morning on the 12th of June.

As we seek guidance as to how to pray in response to the horrific Islamic terrorist attacks and to prevent more evil from being unleased during Ramadan, we need to go to the spiritual roots of this evil.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch points to the connection between these expressions of evil by Muslims and the spiritual roots that will help us know how to raise a prayer shield.

This “Robert Spencer Moment” I taped last Wednesday for the Glazov Gang explains why the Orlando gay club jihad massacre, and the Tel Aviv jihad massacres, and more jihad murders in Bangladesh and elsewhere have already taken place in the opening days of Ramadan.

Guidance as to how to pray:
After watching this and seeking discernment if any of you have any guidance, get it out to us all right away.

The only thing that has come to me is as follows:
1. These terrible events are revelations of the true heart of Radical Islam which is hatred and murder.

2. These show the true hate-filled heart of Mohammad and his way of dealing with all those who do not accept his message and submit to his tyranny – it was death and subjugation. Those Muslims who have been captivated by the demonic stronghold of Radical Islam embody and express this legacy. We also know that the unredeemed human heart is capable of great evil on its own, but when given permission to be expressed by following the example of the Messenger of Allah, then all moral constraint is lost and the most barbaric and evil actions are justified. If you listen to Robert Spencer’s short video you will see the connection between the actions of the jihadist terrorists and their devotion to Allah and their prophet.

Do these actions really point back to the “hate-filled heart of Mohammad?” I know I cannot fully substantiate this in this brief Discerning the Times but I will do so in the upcoming book, Discerning the Times: Exposing Satan’s Plans in Radical Islam. So does Raymond Ibrahim in his book, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (especially read Part 4 entitled “A Climate of Hate”). If this evil is to be overcome by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then we must go to the true roots of the evil: individual hearts and the heart of Islam which reflects Mohammad’s heart.

3. These events also reveal that when Islamists are committing atrocities as the gay nightclub gunner did, or when they burn people to death, as they shout “Allah Akbar” or Allah is greater, the god they are giving glory to is really Satan or a high level archon such as Moloch. So our battle is beyond with “flesh and blood” and with high level demonic beings.

4. We need to pray that the demonic cloaking that prevents the world from seeing all this will be removed. The purpose being, that the difference between Jesus Christ who brings life and the false prophet Mohammad who brings death and slavery can be absolutely clear to all – most of all to Muslims.

5. We should also pray that any other attacks jihadist are planning to show their devotion to Allah during Ramadan will be exposed before they can be put into action.

Any other guidance??? It is urgent that we share this.
Also we ask for everyone’s prayer covering as we have an equipping event for EPC Missionaries going to the Muslim world this week. We need strong prayer covering for this strategic event.

In Christ,
Brad Long


[BL] Sunday afternoon, I received an email from a retired pastor, long involved in PRMI, who lives in the Orlando area. As we intercede from a strategic level against Radical Islam, he shares some guidance and requests for prayer on a local level for those most impacted by the Orlando shooting.

Dear Praying Friends,
By now, the entire world has heard the news of the horrific tragedy which happened early this morning at a night club in downtown Orlando, called the deadliest mass shooting in US history. We who live in Orlando were shocked this morning when waking to this news.

In Church this morning, however, two prophetic words seemed to come from the Lord to members and clergy in the congregation. Let me share them with you, asking you to be in prayer for our city and area as a result of this tragedy:

1. In Mark 4:39 when Jesus and His disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee and a vicious storm arose which threatened to swamp the boat, in answer to their cry, “Jesus …rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Peace! Be still’. Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.” The waves frightened and unnerved the disciples. But it was the strong wind which caused the violent waves.

• for the waves of anger, violence, blame, and retaliation to be dispelled, and not gain the upper hand, and lead to an “eye for an eye” reaction.

• But also for the “winds of evil” to be bound, which cause such motives in people who do such outrageous acts of violence. Jesus “rebuked the wind” the same word used in the Gospels for dealing with the demonic powers in people which resulted in violence and destruction. We need to pray for the breaking of these demonic principalities and powers of evil which seem to escalate in spiritual warfare around the world!

WE IN THE ORLANDO COMMUNITY DESPERATELY NEED YOUR PRAYERS. Whomever it was who did the shooting, and whomever was killed or injured, we need to pray to the Lord that He will guide His family of faith here in Orlando to rise up and help bring healing and assistance to all who have been impacted by this evil. And that this will not lead to further acts of violence and backlash against groups of people or individuals.

[Another note from Brad]
Also please keep on praying for the book being published, Discerning The Times: Exposing Satan’s Plans in Radical Islam.

I think we have seen those plans revealed in this terrible attack in Orlando, the point of which is death. The book demonstrates that this is indeed Satan’s purpose in Radical Islam.

DTT Book cover frontNOTE: Some have asked why I chose such inflammatory graphics for the cover.

Here is why:
The graphics chosen for the book are the result of discerning the times. These images and colors are a composite based on the images used by the Islamist leaders to present their own vision and goals. The dome with the crescent moon and the minaret are universal symbols of Islam. The colors of the billowing clouds of green, yellow and black have symbolic and historical associations with Islam.

The black flag of ISIS needs more explanation for those not versed in Arabic and Islamic history. The color black goes back to the banner of Muhammad. Black is particularly significant for ISIS because it was used by the Abbasid Caliphate started in 747.1 ISIS has the mission of reestablishing the Caliphate. The second meaning of the color black points to ISIS as an apocalyptic cult. “It is also a symbol in Islamic eschatology (heralding the advent of the Mahdi).”2 The Arabic at the top of the ISIS flag in white is the first part of the “shahada”, the Islamic declaration of faith, “There is no God but Allah.” The white circle with the Arabic in black contains the second part of the shahada, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” This represents the official seal of the prophet Muhammad.

The armed men, often wearing black masks holding up their weapons is a symbol of armed Jihad that imposes Islamic hegemony through death and subjugation.
These images are not intended to be sensational but revelatory of the true nature of the gathering storm of Radial Islam.

1 “Abbasid Dynasty”. Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Encyclopædia Britannica Inc., 2016. Web. <>.

2The Black Banner or Black Standard (???? ??????? r?yat al-sawd?’ , also known as ???? ?????? r?yat al-`uq?b “banner of the eagle” or simply as ?????? al-r?ya “the banner”) is one of the flags flown by Muhammad in Islamic tradition. It was historically used by Abu Muslim in his uprising leading to the Abbasid Revolution in 747 and is therefore associated with the Abbasid Caliphate in particular. It is also a symbol in Islamic eschatology (heralding the advent of the Mahdi),[1] and it has been used in contemporary Islamism and jihadism since the late 1990s.

Wikipedia contributors. “Black Standard.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 25 Mar. 2016. Web. <>..[

New Book, New Event Coming Soon

I am so happy to announce the upcoming publication of the book, Discerning the Times: Exposing Satan’s Plans in Radical Islam, available on Amazon in July.

DTT Book cover front

This is Book I in the series:  A Prayer Strategy for Jesus’ Victory Over Radical Islam. It lays out Satan’s strategies. Book II, A Prayer Strategy for the Victory of Jesus Christ:  Defeating the Demonic Strongholds of Radical Islam will soon follow.  It gives prayer strategies to cooperate with God’s plans to overcome these demonic strongholds.  Although both books focus on a specific issue, the principles given can be applied to many other spiritual conflicts.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for me and the editorial team during this long process of developing and implementing this prayer strategy and writing the books.   While this project has required a lot of research it has not taken place within the safety of the library but on the spiritual battlefields of engagements with the demons building the strongholds of Radical Islam.

The purpose of these books is to take part in the Holy Spirit’s work of mobilizing, equipping and deploying an army of intercessors for the purpose of defeating the works of the Devil and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please join us in praying that these books will reach all those worldwide that Jesus is calling into His prayer army.  As you can well imagine given the topic and the exposure of disturbing truths, this is not without some natural and supernatural dangers.   So we would appreciate your strong prayer covering of us involved in this prayer mobilization.

Is God calling you to the Mountain Top Equipping Camp, August 9-13 2016  at the Community of the Cross?

Moses on the Mountain supported by Aaron and Hur with Joshua in the valley fighting at the Battle of Amalek--a model of the prayer we are called to in order to defeat the strongholds of Radical Islam.

Moses on the Mountain supported by Aaron and Hur

Ok!  I know it is a funny name for this intensive equipping event.  It started as a “boot camp” but that did not seem right.  So I asked the Lord, “Ok, what do we call this?”  There came to my mind the image of Moses , Aaron, and Hur up on the top of the mountain, doing the work of intercession for Joshua and the army fighting the Amalekites in the valley.   While the battle that day was won, the Amalekites have been a biblical symbol of those who use the sword and death to oppose God’s chosen people advancing the Kingdom of God in the world.

This is why the bible says,

“Because,” he said, “a fist has been raised in defiance against the throne of the LORD, the LORD will wage war against Amalek from generation to generation.” Exodus 17:16  ISV

In our day,  it is the demonic strongholds of Radical Islam that are using the means of death and subjugation to block the advance of the Kingdom of God by declaring war on Jews and Christians and all cultures based on our Judeo-Christian values.   This Mountain Top Equipping Event is to prepare us to do our part in this war.

Are you being called to join in this equipping?  The teaching will be based on introducing and practicing the Prayer Strategy for Jesus’ Victory over Radical Islam.

You may not be called into high level intercession or even be an intercessor at all to need this.  Notice that in the story of the Battle of Amalek, in addition to Moses the intercessor, there were many others playing different roles who were part of God’s army needed for victory.  Aaron and Hur supported Moses in intercession on the hill. In the valley Joshua was supported by a whole host of soldiers. And the rest of the community supported those on the frontlines.

What this means is that God will have a special role for each of us in this great battle of defeating Radical Islam and advancing the Gospel into the entire Muslim world.   But all this work of prayer is more than these battles!  It is taking part in the great waves of the Holy Spirit that are at work in the world today growing the Church and fulfilling the Great Commission.   How is the Lord calling you?   If you are seeking guidance on this or do not know how you may fit in please send a note to Cindy Strickler (  or to Mary Ellen Conners ( and discuss with either of them what role you may be called to play.  You can also contact them through the office at 828-669-7373.


You can all support us in this event, whether onsite or offsite, in the following ways:

  1. Please support us in praying for the event. To get regular updates from Martin Boardman on prayer requests and progress, please sign up here.
  2. Join us onsite or offsite. To register click here. We hope you can join us onsite at the Community of the Cross, but if not, we will send you information about how you can join us over the internet for both the teaching and times of intercession.
  3. We need financial support for this event; as a pioneer event it is very expensive. We have also invited several special guests who bring experience and networks that can build this work, but need financial support to take part.  To thank you for helping us with this, for a gift for any amount I would like to send you a copy of the new book, Discerning the Times: Exposing Satan’s Plans in Radical Islam**. You can donate online here

Thanks so much. I will confess that we are stepping out into this prayer mobilization with many apprehensions, but also in trusting Jesus Christ that as He calls he will protect, provide and guide. And we recognize that Jesus will do much of that through you, our friends and co-workers. So thank you!!!

In Christ,
Brad Long

**Note: please mark your contribution “Mountain Top Event”. Also, be aware that, depending on the amount of your contribution, the amount that is deductible for federal income tax purposes may be reduced by the cost of the book provided to you in return for your donation.

The Season of Pentecost

by Brad Long and Cindy Strickler

Special Greeting Dove DescendingMost of the time, we are caught up in the challenges of daily life. This is also true for the church. We are consumed with the opportunities and challenges of just dealing with the pastoral needs of church members or with the needs of those around us. So when Pentecost comes around each year we tend to look up from our concerns and say, “Wow, times flies! It was just Easter, now it’s Pentecost! I guess we need to take a moment and pray for the empowerment to be witnesses to Jesus Christ.” Then we move on with getting ready for summer.

I confess, this is what happened to us at PRMI–this ministry whose calling is to enable Christians to move into receiving all that Jesus has promised us concerning the Holy Spirit. Pentecost nearly slipped by us! That’s why I’m sending out this letter urging all of us to prepare for Pentecost by going through our excellent set of video teaching on “Preparing for Pentecost,” even though we no longer have the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost to do so.

Special Greeting Brad and Cindy videoClick here to view the Preparing for Pentecost Video Series

Nearly missing Pentecost came to me as a call that I suspect may be for all of us: to lift up our heads from the urgencies and challenges of faithfully following Jesus Christ in the moment, to see the big strategic plans of God the Father for advancing His Kingdom. When we see the big picture, we will have a context for understanding God’s purpose in Pentecost, the biblical meaning of being baptized with the Holy Spirit, and having the Holy Spirit come upon us in power. We will see that Pentecost is our gateway into God the Father’s vast plans of sending wave upon wave of the Holy Spirit starting in Jerusalem and now returning to Jerusalem in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

During the first decades of the 21st century, we are seeing four major waves of the Holy Spirit converging in Jerusalem and are working to overcome, with the Gospel of Jesus, Satan’s fortress of Islam. These waves of the Holy Spirit that are continuing the two thousand year westward blowing wind that started in Jerusalem. God the Father’s intention is to flood, as with a tsunami, the Islamic world with a powerful transforming witness to the Gospel. (Acts 2)

These waves are as follows:

1. The Holy Spirit is bringing Jewish people back to the land of Israel and to faith in Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

2. A great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is occurring among a new generation of Asian Christians, empowering them for witness to Muslim peoples worldwide—“the back-to-Jerusalem” movement.

3. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit is rising within the Church globally, renewing trinitarian faith and mobilizing the Body of Christ to contribute to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

4. The fourth great wave of the Holy Spirit is within the house of Islam itself. There are, by far, more Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ now than at any other time in history.

In response to these waves all converging back in Jerusalem, Satan is launching a global counter attack through the demonic strongholds of Radical Islam. These strongholds, built on Satan’s original deceptions and lies planted in the heart of Islam’s prophet Mohammad, have four terrible purposes.

1. The replacement of God’s way of salvation, revealed in the Old and New Testament through Jesus Christ, with the deception and bondage of Islam.

2. The genocide of all Jews and Christians who do not submit to the tyranny of Islam. The genocide of all others, including Muslims, who are deemed infidels. This is billions of human beings!

3. Quenching the wind of the Holy Spirit that is blowing in Islam, which is bringing more Muslims to saving faith in Jesus Christ than at any other time in history.

4. The implementation of the Islamic caliphate and the welcoming of the “Mahdi” (Islamic equivalent of “Messiah”) to implement the above plans and bring the Islamic version of the End Times, which includes the worldwide hegemony of Islam.

These objectives are so terrible as to be unbelievable, just as Hitler’s final solution of the Jewish “problem” was so terrible as to be unbelievable and was ignored until it cost the lives of millions of people in World War II and the Holocaust. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is revealing these plans of God the Father as well of Satan so that we, as Jesus’ born again friends and coworkers, can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in defeating Satan’s plans for evil and fulfilling God’s plans redemption and salvation.

This is why Pentecost is important! The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the way into that great dance of cooperation with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to defeat evil and advance the Kingdom of God. We enter into God’s work through the Holy Spirt falling upon us and giving us the gifts and power needed to witness to Jesus Christ as the way, the truth, and the life–the only way to God the Father.

The signs of the times all suggest that the demonic strongholds of Radical Islam are growing in maturity and–unless soon stopped–will unleash a tsunami of evil upon the earth. At the same time, the advance of the Kingdom of God also seems to be reaching a climatic point of major breakthrough in fulfilling the Great Commission.

All this means that Pentecost this year has a vital strategic purpose in empowering the Church of Jesus Christ and us as individual Christians to be a part of these vast plans unfolding before us. So prepare for Pentecost, whether on the Sunday of Pentecost or in the weeks that follow. The date on the church calendar is not the important thing, but that each of us is baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit to take part in what is ahead.

In Christ,

Brad Long
Executive Director, PRMI

For the Biblical and theological basis of these waves of the Holy Spirit for fulfilling the Great Commission, allow me to share with you a chapter from my book, A Prayer Strategy for the Victory of Jesus Christ: Defeating the Demonic Strongholds of ISIS and Radical Islam.

The Father’s Master Strategy for Fulfilling the Great Commission

Having received all authority in heaven and on earth, Jesus gave the Church the commission to, “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:18-20 NET) This is a mission of God’s grace that is based on all the points that are rejected by Satan through the deception of Islam. “Thus it stands written that the Christ would suffer and would rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things.” (Luke 24:45-48 NET) How are we to fulfill this humanly impossible mission? We have already addressed this question in Book One contrasting God’s true methods with Satan’s methods of genocide and subjugation to extend the creed of Islam. Heaven or hell, life or death, the plans of God or the plans of Satan all hinge on the means chosen. In much of this prayer strategy, as we have had engagements with demons, exposed human depravity, and had our hands uplifted like Moses in support of the Joshuas fighting on bloody battlefields, we have skirted dangerously close to Satan’s evil means. It is imperative that we be anchored in the Father’s means of fulfilling the evangelistic mission through the Lord Jesus.

The Father’s master strategy for extending the Gospel to all nations and people on earth began with wave upon wave of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God to all humanity starting in Jerusalem, and it will end with returning to Jerusalem. One of these waves of the Holy Spirit is restoring the kingdom to Israel through the Jewish people returning to the Land of Israel and to saving faith in Messiah Jesus. We see this master plan of world evangelism encapsulated in Acts 1:5-8 (NET).

4) While he was with them, he declared, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait there for what my Father promised, which you heard about from me. 5) For John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”
6) So when they had gathered together, they began to ask him, “Lord, is this the time when you are restoring the kingdom to Israel?” 7) He told them, “You are not permitted to know the times or periods that the Father has set by his own authority. 8) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the farthest parts of the earth.

We shall deal with the Father’s strategy of restoring the Kingdom to Israel in the next chapter. Here we will focus on the Father’s tactic of sending waves of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:8 Waves of the Holy Spirit

The important concept revealed to us in Acts 1:8, and indeed perhaps in the whole book of Acts, is that beginning with Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has worked in successive waves or pulses to advance the Kingdom of God. This is crucial to understanding how our God is working in the first part of the 21st century to bring the Muslim world to faith in Jesus Christ.

The great Reformed theologian Jonathan Edwards discerned this dynamic of the Lord advancing the Kingdom through pulses or waves of the Holy Spirit.

Edwards conceived of the Christian movement as a kind of army of spiritual liberation moving out to free the world from an occupying force of demons that had already been defeated in principle at the Cross…
According to Edwards’ postmillennial optimism, Christianity is destined to sweep outwards in a series of such pulsations until the whole earth is full of the knowledge and the glory of God, as the waters cover the sea.[1]

These pulsations of the Holy Spirit are actually the pattern of God’s working in the book of Acts. Peter himself prophesied these waves in his second sermon, laying out God’s strategy, in Acts 3:19-21. The strategy consisted of two parts:

· Times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord, during the present age of the Spirit; then

· The return of the King at the end of the present age, according to the prophets of old.

The first “time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord” happened in Jerusalem at Pentecost, which initiated the Father’s campaign that “repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.” (Luke 24:47 NET) Other outpourings followed, each extending the Kingdom of God. The first one after Pentecost took place in Jerusalem after the disciples had come under persecution.

29) “Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. 30 Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” 31) After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. (Acts 4:29-31 NIV)

It is significant that this outpouring with signs and wonders and empowered preaching took place so soon after the Pentecost outpouring. This establishes the reality that while the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was an initial event, it was not to be seen as a single unique event, but rather the beginning of a pattern extending until the return of the King. This also clarifies this usage of “filled with the Holy Spirit” as having the same meaning as the “Holy Spirit falling upon people for power.” These waves of the Holy Spirit include both the corporate expression of the Church and individuals who are filled with the Holy Spirit.

We see this same outpouring of the Holy Spirit taking place through Philip with the Samaritans in Acts 8, then Peter in the home of Cornelius in Acts 10, and later in Chapter 19 with Paul in Corinth. The rest of the book of Acts is a picture of these waves or moves of the Holy Spirit, each connected with anointed individuals who are part of the Church, the Body of Christ.

These waves or outpourings of the Holy Spirit have continued to take place throughout history. They advance the Kingdom of God by bringing people into the purposes of God, empowering and equipping them to fulfill these purposes. A review of Church history reveals this pattern of moves of the Holy Spirit and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.[2]

Our Role as Intercessors is Praying for and Participating in these Waves of the Holy Spirit

All through the history of the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the role of intercessors will be to pray for these waves and be a part of them as the Holy Spirit calls us to engage in them. While these waves or pulses of the Holy Spirit come at God’s initiative, we do have a role in Him sending these waves. He has decreed that we will cooperate with Him by means of prayer.

This is modeled for us in the book of Acts where each wave of the Holy Spirit was preceded by the work of earnest prayer. A good example is an amazing prayer meeting preparing for the outpouring at Pentecost. After Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives, “When they had entered Jerusalem, they went to the upstairs room where they were staying. Peter and John, and James, and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James were there. All these continued together in prayer with one mind, together with the women, along with Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.” (Acts 1:13-14 NET) This gathering together of the body–not just the apostles, but other men and women who were followers of Jesus—praying in one accord, is the model of our role in preparing for all future waves of the Holy Spirit.

In the case of the Holy Spirit’s wave of the Gospel to the Gentiles, the Jewish believers did not appear to know the Gentiles were even to be included and so apparently failed to have done the work of prayer in that direction. Instead, the Holy Spirit stirred a Roman centurion named Cornelius to earnest prayer, which then opened the door for the Father to send the same kind of Holy Spirit wave which came upon the Jewish believers at Pentecost. (Acts 10:1-4, Acts 11:15-16) The lesson is that prayer ordinarily precedes moves of the Holy Spirit.

Jonathan Edwards confirms the role of prayer:

    It is God’s will through His wonderful grace, that the prayers of His saints should be one of the great principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ’s kingdom in the world.
    When God has something very great to accomplish for His church, it is His will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayers of His people; as is manifest by Ezekiel 36:37.
    And it is revealed that, when God is about to accomplish great things for His church, He will begin by remarkably pouring out the spirit of grace and supplication (see Zechariah 12:10).[3]

In our present era in this war against Radical Islam, the Father is relentlessly working out his purposes to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the entire Muslim world. He is sending four great waves of the Holy Spirit that are in succession with the two thousand year westward blowing wind of the Holy Spirit that started in Jerusalem. God the Father’s intention is to flood as with a tsunami the Islamic world with a powerful transforming witness to the Gospel. (Acts 2)

These four waves are as follows:

1. The Holy Spirit is bringing Jewish people back to the land of Israel and to faith in Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

2. A great outpouring of the Holy Spirit is occurring among a new generation of Asian Christians, empowering them for witness to Muslim peoples worldwide—“the back-to-Jerusalem” movement.

3. The third great wave is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit within the Church globally, renewing trinitarian faith and mobilizing the Body of Christ to contribute to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.[4]

4. The fourth great wave of the Holy Spirit is within the house of Islam itself. There are, by far, more Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ now than at any other time in history.

Here we gain a glimpse of the big picture—our Father is advancing the Kingdom by these waves of the Holy Spirit, each a westward blowing wind of the Holy Spirit originating from Jerusalem at Pentecost in Acts 2, and then over the centuries continuing in a predominantly westward movement to return and converge in Jerusalem. In the Father’s master plan for extending the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and people on earth, each wave contributes significantly to “closing the ring” of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on the Islamic world. I take this image “closing the ring” from Winston Churchill’s work, Closing the Ring, whose theme is “How Nazi Germany was Isolated and Assailed on All Sides.”[5] The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are implementing a similar strategy to encircle and assault on all sides the fortress of Islam with the first three waves of the Holy Spirit. A fourth wave of the Holy Spirit moving within the House of Islam itself is closing the ring. This is comparable to a “fifth column” or an insurgency of faith in Jesus Christ within the fortress of Islam.

In our present epochal period, these waves are beginning the convergence in Jerusalem. The assault on the demonic deception of Islam is beginning its final phases. This is not just the defeat of the strongholds Satan has built out of Islam, but of the lie of Islam itself. The present phase of the Father’s campaign, these waves of the Holy Spirit converging in Jerusalem, if not thwarted by Satan through our lack of faith and obedience, will soon deluge the Islamic world with the powerful transforming witness to the Gospel. Through the floodtide of the Holy Spirit moving in love, power, and signs and wonders, the “Prophet Isa,” the Lord Jesus himself and not the Islamic impostor, will be knocking at the door of every Muslim heart offering freedom from the spiritual and political tyranny of Islam. Jesus will be extending the invitation to receive him by faith and thus receive the gift of forgiveness of sins and resurrection life.


[1] Lovelace, Richard. “The Occult Revival in Historical Perspective.” Demon Possession. Ed. Warwick Montgomery. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany Fellowship Inc., 1976. Pg. 87.

[2] For a brilliant study of these waves of the Holy Spirit advancing the Kingdom of God, see Doug McMurry’s video series entitled Glory Through Time.

McMurray, Doug. “Introduction, Glory through Time”. Online Video Clip. The Clearing Media. YouTube, 29 Mar. 2013. Web.

[3] Edwards, Jonathan. Thoughts on the Revival in New England – 1740 Part V Sec III

[4] This includes (but is more inclusive than) what Peter Wagner named the “Third Wave of the Holy Spirit,” embodied by John Wimber and the Vineyard movement, which was preceded by the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

“What is the Third Wave Movement?” Got Questions Ministries, n.d. Web. 6 May 2016. .
[5] Churchill, Winston. The Second World War: Closing the Ring. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1951. Preface of the Volume by Winston Churchill.

Giving Thanks for Strategic Events and Looking Ahead to Crucial Prayer Endeavors

Giving Thanks for Strategic Events Taking Place These Last Weeks

I so appreciate your prayers. Not just for me but for the entire ministry team of PRMI. We have all been intensely involved in ministry. Indeed there have been pioneer events that we need to give thanks for: Cindy Strickler and Paul Stokes provided strategic leadership and taught on growing the church at Spring Harvest–the largest Christian gathering in the UK. Chris Walker with Earl Rutledge launched the full Gateways Dunamis in Spanish in Nicaragua. This is an important milestone along the way to the full Mobile Dunamis Project in Spanish. (By the way, please pray for Chris for healing – he has a bad case of bronchitis and is on his way to teach another Dunamis Project in Alaska.)

Mary Ellen has been in Malaysia for nearly two weeks working with Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s mission team there to develop prayer. In addition, Jeanne has been doing Ignites. The new exciting development is that she is being joined by Steve Strickler to offer them in Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s congregations.

These last two efforts, along with our upcoming missionary equipping event at the COC, represent a growing partnership with this vital, evangelical, reformed, and very open to the Holy Spirit, denomination.

This is just our Black Mountain ministry staff! When we include the rest of the Dunamis Fellowship International we see an ever greater, growing depth and expanding reach of PRMI supporting the world wide advancement of the Kingdom of God. Prayer is at the root of all this work for the glory of God. So please keep it up!

I need prayers for:

· healing from pneumonia

· completing this book on Jesus Victory over Radical Islam

· and launching this equipping!

I have been pushing myself to the limits of endurance trying to lay the foundations for this equipping process for intercessors and spiritual warriors to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in defeating the demonic strongholds of Radcial Islam and advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the entire Muslim world. This includes finishing the book. This last week Laura and I went out to Oklahoma to visit our daughter Elizabeth, her husband Adam and our three grandsons. I did a two-day seminar in their church entitled, “Praying for our Enemies.” The church is located right off the huge military base Fort Sill, which meant that most of the people in the congregation were either retired or active military. This was a perfect location to start to develop this teaching of defeating radical Islam for a congregational setting.

I went to Oklahoma with a bad cold that just was not getting any better and finally went to the doctor who announced that I had a “nasty case of pneumonia.” It is by the grace of God alone and a tribute to the empowering work of the Holy Spirit that I was able to teach and preach at all. Thanks to the many of you who prayed both healing but also anointing to teach. The Lord came through wonderfully! I am still not fully recovered.

Are you called by Jesus Christ to join the army of intercessors to work with the Holy Spirit to defeat Radical Islam and advance the Gospel into the entire Muslim World?

Meeting with the congregation and also seeing the ongoing world situation convinces me that that there is great evil brooding on the horizon in the strongholds of Radical Islam but also totalitarian regimes of China, Russia and North Korea. A look at the political situation as well as the ongoing assault on our Judeo-Christian values in the UK, Canada and the USA also drives home the awareness of impending evil. Just as I am convinced of the growing danger, I am just as convinced that through prayer and spiritual warfare by Christians it can be and must be stopped. All this gives great urgency to the call that Jesus Christ gave me to take part with the Holy Spirit in building this army of intercessors and spiritual warriors to defeat these strongholds before they come to their full terrible flowering of genocide and global war. (I know that sounds a little over dramatic but look at the facts confirming that we are in the time of a second gathering storm.)

The goal that is before me is to, in the next couple of years – I hope and pray before it is too late – do PRMI’s part in enabling this army of intercessors to reach the level of readiness and maturity that will be needed to sustain extended prayer. We need to persevere for as long as it takes to pray through to the victory in each engagement into which we are called, with the recognition that each engagement may last for hours, days, weeks or even months. Our goal is that by joining with the global movement of prayer and advancing the Kingdom of God that Satan’s plans are thwarted and that instead God’s plans for reaching the Muslim world with the Gospel are fulfilled.

As part of this equipping, we are recruiting those of you who may be called into growing as intercessors and spiritual warfare, to join in two equipping events: Mountain Top Equipping Camp at the COC, August 9-13, 2016 and Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor – November 8-19, 2016.

Both equipping events are by application and invitation. Please speak to the Lord about whether He is calling you to take part in either of these events. Cindy and Mary Ellen are ready to join you in the discernment process of whether you are called to take part in these two equipping events. Out of these two events I believe the Holy Spirit’s plan is to raise up others who can take the torch of high level intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare from me and others to not only engage in the frontlines but to be able to join us in equipping others for the battle.

Moses on the Mountain supported by Aaron and Hur with Joshua in the valley fighting at the Battle of Amalek--a model of the prayer we are called to in order to defeat the strongholds of Radical Islam.

Moses on the Mountain supported by Aaron and Hur with Joshua in the valley fighting at the Battle of Amalek–a model of the prayer we are called to in order to defeat the strongholds of Radical Islam.

Mountain Top Equipping Camp
for Intercessors and Spiritual Warriors
Community of the Cross
August 9-13, 2016
Advanced Leadership Course: Learning and Applying the Prayer Strategy for the Victory of Jesus Christ

Intro to the Mountain Top Equipping Camp for Intercessors and Spiritual Warriors at the COC August 9-13, 2016

How do we join the battle for souls and against demonic strongholds? Moses, Aaron and Hur modeled different roles, all involving intercession. Are you a front-line intercessor? A personal intercessor for those doing that front-line engagement? Does God use you to gather information to inform others’ intercession? Whatever your role, consider joining us to be equipped for your vital role.

Worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship at the Community of the Cross will be the context for this course giving practical instruction on how to apply the strategies and tactics for defeating the demonic strongholds of Radial Islam and advancing the Kingdom of God into the entire Muslim World, as laid out in Brad Long’s upcoming book “Prayer Strategy for the Victory of Jesus Christ: Defeating Demonic Strongholds of ISIS and Radical Islam”.

“Brad Long provides spiritual and historical insight into the current battle against Islamic terrorism, giving the Church the foundational intelligence to know how to pray at this strategic hour.” Judy Cook

Who is this equipping for?
• Those who have a burden to do something about the evil of Radical Islam that we see growing in the world.
• Those already called into intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare who need to grow in this work.
• Those who, just as Aaron and Hur supported Moses, are called to be supportive of those intercessors and spiritual warriors who are called to the front lines.
• Those called to mobilize, equip and deploy intercessory prayer teams to engage in this work.

Prerequisites for the Course:
1) Completion of Unit #1 and Unit #2 of the Dunamis Project (Gateways and In the Spirit’s Power). If you have not attended these events, we recommend completing the self-study courses online.

2) Submission of completed application. Applications will be reviewed by Mary Ellen Conners, PRMI Prayer Coordinator and Cindy Strickler, Director of the Dunamis Fellowship International and on acceptance to the course, an invitation will be extended to you to register for the course.

Download application here.

3) Recommended: Read the book A Prayer Strategy for the Victory of Jesus Christ available soon from Amazon.

– See more at:

Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor November 8-18, 2016

Jerusalem photo

On site application of the strategies and tactics of intercession and spiritual warfare. Learn the tactics and return ready to lead engaging in this great battle of our time. This prayer endeavor is part of the PRMI Prayer Strategy and in the fulfillment of our first vision initiative – prayer.

Focus of Intercession: praying “Thy Kingdom Come” for the advance of the Gospel.

Praying for four great moves of the Holy Spirit that are converging in Jerusalem and “closing the ring” around Islam and moving toward fulfilling the Great Commission.

1. The move of the Holy Spirit bringing Jews to faith in Jesus Christ.

2. The role of the “people who use chopsticks” (Chinese, Koreans and Japanese) whom God is calling to join in evangelizing Muslims.

3. Within the Western Church, Africa, English speaking world, a move of the Holy Spirit closing the circle around the Islamic world.

4. The move of the Holy Spirit bringing Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ.

Focus of Spiritual Warfare: praying “Thy Kingdom Come” defeating the works of the devil. Cooperating with Jesus Christ in defeating the demonic strongholds of Radial Islam and in order to prevent the fulfillment of Satan’s four schemes:

First Scheme: Replacement of God’s way of salvation with the deception of Islam.

Second Scheme: Exterminate Jews and Christians in order to replace Yahweh’s Covenant.

Third Scheme: Strangle the winds of the Holy Spirit blowing in the house of Islam.

Fourth Scheme: Establish a Radical Islamic caliphate from which to wage offensive jihad and impose Islamic hegemony through Sharia Law.

This will be both a training mission as well as actual engagements in intercession and spiritual warfare. The purpose is to provide the context for practical instruction in strategies and tactics with the ability to move with the Holy Spirit into on site engagements as led by Jesus Christ.

The intended goals of the mission are as follows:

1. Doing the intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare on site in Jerusalem as led by Jesus Christ to fit into his plans as needed at the time.

2. To form a team of intercessors who can be ready for engagement on site and can be the seeds around which other engagement-ready prayer teams may be formed in locations connecting with the four moves of the Holy Spirit. (i.e. in USA, Canada UK, China, Korea)

3. To equip intercessors and spiritual warriors through on-the-battlefield engagements, with the tactics and strategies of cooperating with Jesus Christ in advancing the Gospel and defeating the demonic strongholds of Radial Islam.

4. To develop in the battlefield situation both the skills and teaching manuals to lead others into the mastery and application of the tactics.

Who is this equipping for?

· Those who have a burden to do something about the evil of Radial Islam that we see growing in the world.

· Those already called into intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare who need to grow in this work.

· For those who, just as Aaron and Hur supported Moses, are called to be supportive of those intercessors and spiritual warriors who are called to the front lines.

· For those called to mobilize, equip and deploy intercessory prayer teams to engage in this work.

Because of the dangers of this topic, participation in this course is by application and invitation.

If you believe the Holy Spirit is calling you to take part in this equipping then please fill out the simple application making a request to be invited. This will be evaluated by PRMI Prayer Coordinator, Mary Ellen Conners, and the Director of the Dunamis Fellowship International, Cindy Strickler. They will be joining you in discerning your call to participate in this particular trip. In addition you may contact Cindy Strickler at and ask for help in discerning if this is for you and if you are to be on this team. Act quickly as there is room for only 20 for this special prayer endeavor.

For information about the itinerary and details of cost (approx. $2000 + airfare) call Jeanne Kraak at 828-669-7373 or email her at

To help you prepare for participation on the Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor consider:

1. Reviewing teaching videos from the first Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor introducing the theological basis for connecting with the Messianic Jewish Movement. (available soon on

2. Participation in the Mountain Top Equipping Camp – For Intercessors and Spiritual Warriors. August 9-13, 2016 at the Community of the Cross. (see information above)

Download application here.

All of these events are working together to help build and deploy an army of Intercessors for praying “Thy Kingdom Come,” an army cooperating with Jesus Christ in defeating demonic strongholds and advancing the Kingdom of God in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Please seek Jesus about these two strategic events. Also please keep up the prayer work! Ask the Lord for strong protection and also pray that he will give us all the provision – spiritual and financial – needed for this ministry. Jesus is Lord and Jesus is Victor! As always, please let me know if you have any discernment or guidance.

Thank you! And blessings in Christ

In Christ,
Brad Long

Another Opportunity: Holy Land Intercessory Pilgrimage

Perhaps some of you may be called to take part or pray for this intercessory prayer trip to Israel sponsored by The Fourth River Project associated with Jesus Abbey. This is a ten-day tour of Israel with a focus on prayer for healing and reconciliation in the Holy Land and in the divided nation of Korea.

Dates: December 6 to 16, 2016 Tour Leader: Fr. Ben Torrey
Tour Guide: Exie Romema Schlossberg Sponsor: The Fourth River Project, Inc.

Bi-lingual in both Korean and English.

For the full brochure go here..

Prayer Advance: Launching and Learning

On March 18-19, a group gathered at the Community of the Cross for our first Prayer Advance.  That group was expanded by others who gathered with us and actively participated in the work of prayer over video conferencing.

world networksThis is one more step toward the fulfillment of the guidance that Jesus Christ gave us–that the Community of the Cross was to be a “hub” for intercessory prayer to take place.   We connected together in “real time” individual intercessors and other centers of intercession scattered around the world.

We are taking part in the Holy Spirit’s plans to raise up an army of intercessors and spiritual warriors deployed in the work of intercession.  This army of intercessors and prayer warriors is a vital component in the Father’s master strategy of fulfilling the Great Commission through the Church of Jesus Christ.

On Saturday morning, March 19th, the Holy Spirit led us to pray for the situation in Belgium where the police were seeking those involved in the Paris terrorist attacks.  I did some teaching on the nature of demonic cloaking that covers Satan’s plans and protects his agents both human and demonic from exposure.

As we prayed, the Holy Spirit gave Martin Boardman, located in Alberta, Canada, a “vision” of a tear in the cloaking.   The moment he said this, several of us in Black Mountain immediately witnessed to it as having come from the Holy Spirit.  At the very same time, Pauline Eyles, on holiday in Southern France, joined the conversation confirming that she witnessed to this.  She then led us in a time of prayer for the investigation that was taking place right then in France and Belgium that was on their news but had not yet reached us here in North America. This led into a time of binding the evil spirits associated with Radical Islam and ISIS.  Another online intercessor in the United States received guidance about breaking the sequences of events that could be leading to new terrorist attacks in Belgian or France.

The internet facilitated this global prayer work at the COC. But more importantly, PRMI has developed prayer teams of trained intercessors who worked together.  There were a number on site who joined from different congregations, and a number who joined us on line.  It took a lot of coordination and team work for us to be able to form this type of prayer community.  Amazingly He worked through us!    I am so excited about this and praise God for what is happening!  But it is just the beginning of what God is calling us to do to be His army of Intercessors!

Not being able to follow through on the guidance: The terrible terrorist attacks in Belgium
Our Prayer Advance took place March 18-19.  Then this report came, barely three days later:

On the morning of Tuesday, 22 March 2016, three coordinated nail bombings occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station in Brussels. In these attacks, 31 victims and three suicide bombers were killed, and 300 people were injured.Another bomb was found during a search of the airport.Two suspects are on the run. The organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The bombings were the deadliest act of terrorism in Belgium’s history. The Belgian government declared three days of national mourning.1


Now why did this happen? Especially after the wonderful time of prayer that we had and the very obvious outpouring of the Holy Spirit that had taken place.   I was filled with questions about the whole sequence of events that took place.  The following is guidance that I believe the Lord has given which has major implications for our continued effort to raise up this army of intercessors and spiritual warriors to defeat Satan’s plans in Radical Islam.

Exposing and disrupting the plans of Satan – may have forced the terrorists to act quickly before their cover was broken.

From the news reports that I have read there is the observation that the police were closing in on the rest of the terrorist cell.  I suspect that the vision of the rip in the fabric of the demonic cloaking was truly led by the Holy Spirit and the command He gave us to pray into it was participating in this work on the ground.

This may have led to the launching of the plans even before they had reached full maturity and thus may well have prevented the loss of even more lives.  The implemented plans may have  been big enough to give a real wake up call to Belgium but not so big that they destabilized the country or destroyed the will to fight back.

Here at the COC, we reached the physical limits of prayer – time allowed, strength to carry on the work — and had to go on with life.  Then the attacks happened in Belgium.  We’ll never know the answers to the questions this brings forth: What if we prayed longer?  How did that happen after our prayer time? We’ll never know the full cause and effect behind our prayers in connection with this tragedy.  That’s the great mystery in this dynamic of human/divine cooperation.

I learned a lesson from Rees Howells’ team in in 1934. They had to grow into their ability to endure the long hours of prayerful engagement.

We are not called to form a community like Rees Howells.  We are not called to turn the Community of the Cross into a 24-hour prayer center like IHOP.  Rather, we can use the interconnectedness provided by the internet to gather intercessors for prayerful engagement.  We can build our endurance for the longer prayer battles by meeting together in these prayer advances to which we invite you.

Then I had an insight that I suspect is from the Holy Spirit:  It took them several years of equipping and prayer battle experience for Rees Howells and the Bible College of Wales students to be formed into an army of intercessors that could sustain these engagements.  I felt the Lord saying to me that we are in a similar process of equipping and preparation.  As terrible as the attacks in Brussels or the beheadings of Christians in Iraq may be, they may only be a prelude of what is ahead.   I believe the Lord is calling us to see these present attacks as clarion calls to, with greater vigor and urgency, be about the work of mobilizing and equipping the army of intercessors who will be needed when even greater battles break upon us.

I am convinced that the Holy Spirit is calling us as His prayer army to be able to reach the level of readiness and maturity that allows us to sustain the extended prayer battle for as long as it takes to pray through to the victory in each engagement we are called to, recognizing that these engagements may last for hours, days, weeks or even months.

Does mean that we will all have to gather at the Community of the Cross and become a residential community like the students at the Bible College of Wales did?  No, we are called to a different model now made possible by the internet – linking thousands of intercessors and hundreds of centers of prayer together.  God is already calling these intercessors and is already establishing a number of prayer centers.  The vision is that these prayer units may be linked together so that the Holy Spirit can orchestrate globe-spanning concerts of prayer to engage in these battles.

This Prayer Advance was a first step, launching a whole series of prayer and equipping events.   See them listed and described here.

Whether you are a complete novice at prayer or greatly experienced in high level intercession, there is a role for you to play in God the Father’s plans. It is crucial for each of us to ask the Holy Spirit whether or not Jesus is calling us into His prayer army.   We have already entered a time of the gathering storm in which Satan’s strongholds are growing in strength and power.   Each day they are getting closer to being operational.  God is calling intercessors into his army so that through our prayers Jesus Christ may defeat these strongholds before they unleash the full store of Satan’s evil upon humanity.  Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit, “Are you calling me?”

Summary of February Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor and Future Plans

Dear Intercessors:
First, we want to thank you for all of your prayer, financial and friendship support for the pioneer Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor this past February 8th through the 20th.  A prayer team of fourteen members of the Dunamis Fellowship International from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States were part of this trip. Below is a video in which Martin Boardman, PRMI Board President and Mission Outreach Intercession Coordinator, expresses our heart-felt thanks to each of you who prayed for us.

Martin Boardman thanking our prayer and financial supporters

Next we want to share some exciting opportunities coming out of our time there. We begin with Cindy Strickler and Martin Boardman telling about an amazing opportunity that is opening up to PRMI and asking for your prayers.

Cindy Strickler and Martin Boardman sharing about an invitation to offer a Dunamis Project Track in Israel, equipping those on the frontlines of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit,

Below, Pauline Eyles, another PRMI Board member, shares another open door.

Pauline Eyles shares another potential opening

What a great opportunity to help those ministering in Jerusalem learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit about connecting what God is doing in the hearts of many people in Israel. We believe this could be a particular place for the DFB&I to step in – offering something like Ignite to help equip the workers connected with Christian Mission to the Jews (CMJ-UK), a British mission started over 150 years ago.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Mary Ellen Conners, PRMI’s Prayer Director shares how we can bring what we experienced and learned back to the Community of the Cross, connecting to prayer movements in Jerusalem and around the world.

Mary Ellen Conners shares how others can connect in prayer
This vision for “Informed Intercession” both at the Community of the Cross and on the web, is most exciting and may involve many, many of you in this whole prayer work that is urgent for defeating Satan’s plans for evil and fulfilling God’s plans for good.

Please join us in prayer!  Coming back now we need your prayer cover more than ever and also we need to be able to stay on track with the guidance that we received.

We are truly entering a time of heightened engagement in God’s Kingdom advancement work.  As the Lord is connecting the dots in this great move worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit and calling PRMI right into the middle of it with all the ministries and materials He has given us over the last 50 years.

We have set the next Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor for November 8-18 2016. We will be sending out further discernment about the trip soon.  Please be seeking God’s guidance as to how you may be called to take part.

Thank you!!

In Christ
Brad Long

Many of you have already seen the following videos, but for those who have not we wanted to be sure you all had a chance to hear more about the context of the Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor – why we went and how we are connecting to waves of the Holy Spirit for fulfillment of the Great Commission.


 Doug McMurry and Brad Long summarize the purpose of the trip while at the Jerusalem Prayer Tower

This was immensely exciting as we stepped into the world wide movement of the Holy Spirit which is converging in Jerusalem.

Working this out in actual practice was just amazing and we recorded on video what was essentially a crash course in engaging in the work of Jesus Christ in praying “Thy Kingdom Come” in this strategic location.   We will be putting all that up on the web so that you can join this great work of intercession. Many of the video’s are ready posted and you can view them on PRMI’s pages in Vimeo.

Doug McMurry provided some teaching dealing the role of the Jewish people in the end times.  And I taught on Satan’s terrible plans through Radical Islam that we are called to pray against of replacement of God’s Way of Salvation and genocide of Jews and Christian, as well as dealing with Satan’s plans through Radical Islam to bring a replacement of God’s way of salvation – Jesus Christ.   We also deal with the practical ways we are called to engage in the work of praying for both Jews and Muslims to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  All this teaching is done on site.  We will make that available to all those called into this intercessory prayer work.


Connecting to the Four Great Waves of the Holy Spirit for the Fulfillment of the Great Commission.

 Brad Long giving a summary of the trip and the remarkable way that God is connecting PRMI to four great waves of the Holy Spirit that are advancing the Kingdom of God over Satan’s Kingdom and bringing more people to Christ than at any time in history






Response to Donald Trump Discernment

Dear Intercessors:
I have had a flood of very good discernment coming in, in response to the last Discerning the Times. Thanks so much for taking time to send the guidance. Sending directly to my personal email really works well except it is a little overwhelming. I am reading and praying through your comments and trying to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. I try but cannot always to respond to each of you. Thanks – keep sending to

A lot of people expressed a profound uneasiness about Trump but also about what is going on in the world.

Here is a video that I made in response, giving what may be guidance about how the Holy Spirit is leading us to pray.

Discerning the Times Guidance: How to Pray for Trump, Rubio and Cruz

Here are five comments that provide a good summary of the range of responses I received, to help us discern how God is calling us to pray:

1) An older,wise intercessor
“I too discern that this is a spiritual battle for the soul of our country. Dictators usually arise when the undiscerning populous seeks someone to bring stability and solutions in times of crisis. Trump’s style is monarchy not democracy. I believe lying deceptive spirits are at work, even among Christians. I support the urgent call to prayer.”

2) From another intercessor –
“Sorry, she [the intercessor who had guidance shared about Trump in the last Discerning the Times]intercessor who had guidance about Trump shared in last Discerning the Times) is 100% wrong about Trump, and what she was really picking up was misinformation and fear-mongering put into her heart by the media about Trump. Trump will not be another Hitler. That individual is already Obama, who, if he actually leaves the presidency, may end up running the UN. Trump is not a Hitler for wanting to secure our borders.

I have read comments and articles by plenty of God-fearing people who sense God at work with Trump. What makes her right over them? My own sense is that Trump is our only hope, and if Hillary wins then Satan will have his way.

One of my problems with these types of articles is that it takes a feeling from one Christian and proclaims it as the word of God. This is then spread around like a virus, stopping people from listening to our own hearts, which is precisely what Satan wants.”

3) From another PRMI Intercessor
“Your letter about the woman’s Donald Trump message prompted me to quickly send up a short “arrow prayer”. Immediately back to my mind came 2 Cor. 2:11, “we are not ignorant of his devices…”. It is a warning to me. I am FOR no candidate yet. Still watching and waiting for guidance.”

4) From an intercessor I have known for many years
” Dear friends;
It is not only demonic forces surrounding this man and seeking his precious soul. My read is that there is at this moment a Great War on for the soul of Donald Trump and we should specifically pray into it, that his eyes would be opened to willingly receive the humble Savior.

Trump has said before that he eschews details of his policies in favor of wise experts to whom he delegates such things. I read this as more than just dissembling, rather it is a manifestation of his inner man, that he is more open to being led than to actually leading, and that his bluster hides a vulnerable seeker.

So what you are seeing in Donald Trump is a man at an inflection point, his mortal soul in play, seduced by flattery and the offer of worldly kingdoms. He had enough interest in spiritual things to attend Billy Graham’s 90th birthday, also I heard Mike Huckabee in Asheville telling us of his emerging friendship with Trump. Trump knows the joy of the deal better than any of us, it is God’s vocational and spiritual gift to him. Achieving the presidency is his biggest deal yet but perhaps he does not yet know the real deal is for his mortal soul. For him to turn aside from the Hound of Heaven at this point would be catastrophic for all of us and it is there that we may rise and fall as a nation.”

[Brad Long (BL) Comment: I strongly witness to this as a call to prayer. From the history of Nazism as well as my own experience as a leader I suspect that there is a battle going on for the souls of not just Trump but for all the canadates who have the potential for leadership. Satan is working overtime right now to build a stronghold of deception around whoever comes out on top, and the role of the intercessors is to step into the gap and prevent that from happening. If you look back in history, you will see that the same battle has taken place whenever some one is being raised up in a time of crisis. (We see this clearly in the history of World War II where Hitler was seduced by Satan to receive power from the occult and hatred. And Winston Churchill who in many ways to the people then looked a lot like Trump does to many of us today – who resisted those temptations. Churchill was used to save the Western World; the Devil used Hitler to try to destroy it. Frankly the challenges we face today are just as daunting and dangerous as the one’s in the 1930s.]

5) A PRMI intercessor form the West Coast:
[BL comment: Another intercessor confirms a similar sense that she had before she saw the email. Here is her response, which I think provides very good guidance as how to pray:]

• The top 3 Republican candidates are all being tempted similarly; the enemy is primarily deployed against these 3 – Trump, Rubio and Cruz;

A “big scheme” has been put in place against all 3; the other candidates don’t seem to be a “concern” by the enemy for some reason;

All kinds of confusion is taking place and the enemy is trying to cause it in the debates and campaigns; the enemy is also working in “unrighteousness and unholiness” in the debates;

• Not so much the same “spirits” as against Hitler so much as it is the same pressures to compromise and be shaped;

[BL: This is good guidance. Please pray into it as led by the Holy Spirit especially during the next weeks in March when so many primaries are going to be taking place. And please report back what the Holy Spirit does or says to you.]
In Christ,
Brad Long

Urgent Discernment and Intercession needed

Dear Intercessors:
I want to communicate with you about two separate subjects today. The first is an urgent request for discernment and prayer, the second is guidance for intercession out of our recent trip to Israel.

For urgent discernment and direction for prayer: Are the same demonic dynamics that formed around Hitler during his early rise to power and later brought such destruction of life and liberty now forming around the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump?

Yesterday I received a call from an intercessor who asked not to be named. She was very disturbed by the surprising guidance that she received. This guidance is all the more surprising and authentic because this person has played a leadership role in the Tea Party Movement and actually resonates with what Donald Trump is saying. She is also a registered Republican and active in that party. Below she describes her experience:

A Call to Deep Intercession on behalf of the United States
I would like to share something that I believe may be Christ calling us into deep intersession on behalf of the United States. I had set the kids up for our afternoon quiet hour and had laid down for a few moments of quiet in my bedroom. As I drifted off to sleep, I was praying for our nation and the upcoming election. Particularly, that we as a people would have our eyes opened to God’s Truth, our hearts broken with the sin in our nation, and our knees bent in submission to Jesus Christ. I also prayed that Satan’s plans for our nation, particularly through the political process, would not remain hidden but that our eyes would be truly opened to see the real nature of what is going on in Washington. With that prayer fresh in my mind, I drifted off to sleep.

I was then startled out of sleep with a thought (or maybe a voice?) so urgent that I jumped up. This was the thought:
That currently forming around the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, are the same demonic dynamics that formed around Hitler during his early rise to power and later brought such destruction of life and liberty. AND that Christ our King and Commanding General is calling His people now in the next few days to pray for the dismantling of that power and for the advancement of His Kingdom purposes at the highest level of the American Federal government.

Once I had recovered from the initial shock, I thought to myself… “Wow, that’s crazy!” Donald Trump is Hitler? No, of course not. There will never be another individual just like Hitler but the same forces that awaken lust for power, dominance, and greed covered in the outward appearance of concern for the nation, smooth talking, and can-do attitude are still very much alive and well, and have used popular leaders in the past to cause the downfall of many a civilization before us.

So, still a little shaky from the experience, I called a trusted individual who is wise is God’s Word and is a woman of prayer and discernment, my mother. I told her what I had heard and she confirmed that it wasn’t crazy but that it resonated with her as well.

So I submit this to further discernment and clarity, for if this is truly from the Lord, it is both incredibly urgent and strategic. I sense we are at a critical tipping point and the moment of decision will be soon upon us as a people and nation.

Comment by Brad Long
The moment I heard this I felt the urgency to get this out to all of you. And I do witness to it. It is consistent with the way that Satan has often worked to advance his deceitful and deadly purposes. It is by leading a nation or a movement to overreact to one evil by another and often even greater evil. The intercessor’s correlation with Hitler is apropos. The movement of Fascism embodied in Hitler and the movement of National Socialism was a reaction against the government of the Weimar Republic that was moving toward a democratic form of government until overwhelmed by war reparations and the economic disaster of the great depression.

The Weimar government also had failed to heal the wounds of the defeat of World War I and restore national prestige. Hitler and his party came promising to restore the greatness of Germany and fix all their problems. Obviously the parallels are not exact but they are suggestive. It well could be that Satan is planning a reaction to the triumph of the stronghold of Liberal Progressivism in the Obama Administration, with an even more dangerous stronghold based on “Reactionary Conservatism.”

This has been Satan’s pattern of working in the past. For instance, in reaction to the horrors of Nazism, the rise of Stalinist and Maoist Communism that enslaved and exterminated far more people than Nazism, and in North Korea continues to do so even to this day.

When I was talking to this intercessor she said that she did not feel this potential for forming such a stronghold in the other front runners of the Republicans candidates. Please discern this!!!! And please get back right away with any discernment that you may have.

(Also if any of you intercessors who are registered Democrats would offer some discernment and direction for prayer concerning the front runners in the Democratic ticket that would be much appreciated and would help us all in this work of prayer. )

As always please send me any discernment that you may have. Please send it right to my personal email address

Guidance for intercession coming out of the Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor

I am just back from a fantastic two-week trip to Israel for our 2016 February Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor. The Lord worked in amazing ways there connecting us to major rivers of the Holy Spirit that are fulfilling the Great Commission.

We also saw very clearly the dynamic of Satan’s work of building the strongholds to replace God’s way of salvation through Jesus Christ with the deception of Islam and genocide of Jews and Christians. Our primary focus in this work was connecting with the remnant of Israel who are coming to know Yeshua as the Messiah and are being empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Here is a short video that Doug McMurry and I did at the Jerusalem Prayer Tower that tells the strategic nature of this connection with the Messianic Jewish movement and the critical work of intercession in which we are called to join.

Satan’s changing tactics

There is a second critical point that was revealed to us on this trip that I think is urgent to share with all of us who are called to discern the times and engage in intercessory prayer. This is from Doug McMurry, who while at the Temple Mount at the Dome of the Rock saw clear evidence that Satan has made a major shift of tactics: He has moved from warfare that is hidden and restrained into overt clear manifestations of raw evil. In this short video Doug gives a strong warning of the need for vigilance in intercession and guidance as to the Devil’s tactics. I believe that what he is saying is true and confirms for me that we have entered that time of the “Gathering Storm” in which Satan is already unleashing a tsunami of evil upon the world. This will be primarily through the demonic strongholds of Radial Islam but also totalitarianism and Reactionary Conservatism.

I will be reporting much more to you out of the Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor but wanted to get this out to you as soon as possible so you can join us in praying into this.
As always please send me any discernment that you may have. (Please send it right to my personal email –

Praying for National Leaders With the Qualities Needed to Defeat the Nemesis of Radical Islam

Upcoming Event: Please be praying for the Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor February 8-20, 2016. I sent out a letter about that with some videos. Go here for that letter.

Dear Intercessors:

In this Discerning the Times, I believe we need to start doing the work of prayer for the American Election Process. I am sure in the eyes of many it is laborious and convoluted. It does, however, provide us all with a good opportunity to get to know who is running for office.

I believe we need to start now to pray for someone to be elected as President of the United States who can be a part of God’s plans for defeating the demonic stronghold of Radical Islam. Of course whoever is elected will have to deal with many other challenges: economic development, the environment, massive unsustainable debt among Western democratic nations, the rise of tyranny in Russia and China, and more.

Of course I cannot tell you how to vote. But I think I can make some suggestions as to what type of leaders the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom may need to face the growing nemesis of Radical Islam which is threatening the entire Western world. I know that Christians often shy away from politics but I am convinced that our Reformed understanding of the Kingdom of God calls us to be involved at all levels, from praying for candidates to voting–even running for office if called by God to do so.

Please see video message from Brad Long about praying for our leaders by clicking on the video below:

The Qualities of National Political and Military Leaders Needed to Defeat Radical Islam

What I have learned both through study of historical events such as the Battle of Vienna on September 11, 1683 and the experience of praying for President Bush is that God often works to bring victory over the growing evil of Radial Islam by raising up a team of leaders–a team who embody among themselves the diverse facets of the Moses and Joshua roles. We are basically praying for a team of military, political, cultural, and religious leaders who can converge to provide following coverage:

• First are leaders who can see and accurately name the deadly threat that Radical Islam poses not just to the Jewish and Christian faith but to Western culture and our institutions of individual liberty and diversity.

• Leaders who can unify the assault against Radical Islam by pulling groups with diverse interests together and uniting them in a common defense and offense.

• Leaders who understand the enemy and who can mobilize the relevant strengths of our Western culture to decisively defeat the Jihadist Armies of Islam.

• Leaders who understand the spiritual dimensions of the battle with Islam, including the work of prayer and intentionally seeking God’s guidance.

As we survey the cast of those in leadership and influence at any particular moment in the flow of world events there are many leaders and potential leaders who fulfill these various roles, but there needs to be the right convergence of people as well as empowered positions for this to take place. Part of the difficulty in praying for and working for this convergence (i.e. voting politicians in or out), is that in the fog of the moment we often do not know what is actually taking place in the counsels of government or in the relationships between leaders.
Often these convergences are seen only in retrospect and when the fruit of their concerted actions have been proven over time.

For instance, defeating the invasion force of Islam at the gates of Vienna in 1684 has been shown by historical evidence to be the first step in forcing the long slow retreat of Islam from Europe. We also know that this decisive victory required the convergence of a number of leaders coming together: the Pope, Brother Marco d’Aviano, and the King of Poland, Jon III Sobieski, with his Winged Hussars. But for those Christians called to pray for this desperate situation, very little was clear.

So how do we pray for leaders and the convergence of their talents and relationships when all is shrouded in the confusion of the moment?

1. First we must be using all the powers of our reason to know the facts and to analyze those facts. We must be students of history as well as unfolding human events.

2. We must be asking the Lord what His big picture plans are and asking Him to reveal to us who He is calling to take part in His plans to defeat Islam and advance the Kingdom of God. Take note: these may not all be born again Christians, but they must be those who have an appreciation of our Western democratic culture and ideas.

3. In our democratic nations we must also take all this in account as to who we vote in or out of elected office. It makes a profound difference as to whether we have those in office who can defend our Western Judeo-Christian values or not. We can know this by listening to their words, observing the record and listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our role is to pray for this convergence to take place before it is too late and Satan has all the human means necessary to unleash his plans for the full replacement of Jews and Christians through genocide and Islamic hegemony. For many of us, having prayed for the election of these leaders, the Holy Spirit may well keep us on duty to continue to pray for them.

We have months before the November elections. It is essential that we enter this process of prayer and discernment now, so that we may take part in shaping a future in which Radial Islam falls, our freedoms are preserved, and the Gospel reaches the entire Muslim world.

Please let me know if you have any discernment on this. I am personally struggling with these things and I suspect that I am not the only one.

In Christ,

Brad Long

P.S. Two relevant Scripture verses that an intercessor shared are:

1 Timothy 2:1-4: I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to know the truth.

Proverbs 21:1: The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.

We are the Horseshoe-nails in God’s plans!

Dear Intercessors:
Thanks for your responses. Many words have been coming in that are helping in this discernment process. A number of them have been around seeking guidance about what the horseshoe nails may be in the causal chains of events that are needed for the success of terrorist plots for fulfilling Satan’s plans.

To remind you of the context, here are links to the original Discerning the Times and video and the poem that Laura received:

For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the rider was lost,
For the want of a rider the battle was lost,
For the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.”

Ask the Lord to reveal to you any other metaphorical horseshoe-nails that Satan needs to implement further terrorist attacks like what we just witnessed.

See video message from Brad Long by clicking on the video above.

We are in a time of the “hour of the power of darkness” when Satan is actively at work putting in place his plans for the outbreak of catastrophic evil in the world through the demonic strongholds of Radical Islam – The Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS) and the Islamic Republic of Iran and their proxies. It is critical that we determine what are the “horseshoe nails” in God’s plans to defeat Satan’s plans.

There were a number of suggestions as to what this may be. But I received a note from Rod Pinder in Florida who pointed us in a very helpful direction. It is that WE are the horseshoe nails in God plans to defeat the strongholds of Radical Islam and Satan’s plans
On the other side of the battle, WE are horseshoe nails, too. Our failure in prayer, faithfulness or obedience may seem insignificant, but they can be like crucial nails. In fact I thought that was the primary meaning of the word Laura received. For me the poem functions as a call to diligence.

This is spot on! And a call to prayer. While we may never know the chains of events in Satan’s plans, God does! And he calls us by our prayer and prophetic actions to be the chains of events in His plans. That is where we come in.

How the Holy Spirit called me to be the horseshoe-nail for what God was doing

Actually I just had an experience of this not related to our prayer battle with Radical Islam but none the less illustrative of the principle of our being a horseshoe nail or a part of God’s plans.

This happened a week ago. I was driving to church when suddenly I received the strong guidance that I was to pray for my older daughter Elizabeth, who lives in Oklahoma. She, with her husband, helps lead worship at an evangelical church off the Army base.

The urgent prayer was for protection for her in leading worship and for a breaking through of what felt like a large wet blanket that had been placed over the congregation and the worship team preventing them from moving into giving praise to Jesus Christ.

With this was the funny feeling that I needed to be a special shield of protection for my daughter as she was stepping into worship leadership. I did not have any further guidance so just prayed in tongues for the rest of the trip to church – about 15 minutes.

Then just as I arrived I had the strong nudge to call her and leave a message on her phone. Frankly, I felt a little silly doing all this.

Then Elizabeth called that afternoon and thanked me for praying. She said, “Daddy! That was so cool! God really used you! Thank you…” She told me that Adam, who is in a command position in the Army, had to unexpectedly go onto the base early that morning and had not been able to get back in time to join in leading worship.

Elizabeth had felt very unprotected without her husband there, and had felt very confused and disorientated getting to church with the three boys. When she arrived if felt like Satan had put a wet blanket over the congregation and especially over the worship team. But then suddenly all that had lifted about the time that I had started praying for her.

They ended up having a glorious time of worship, exalting Jesus.

Wow! I was the horseshoe nail in God’s plans to protect my daughter in worship leadership when her husband had to step out from what is normally his role.

Let’s apply this to the situation in Jesus’ war defeating the demonic strongholds of Radial Islam. In these vast, unfolding plans of Jesus Christ countering Satan’s plans, Jesus may need our prayers at a particular moment for a particular issue. I have been getting this a lot lately.

“Just pray, pray now!” Often I do not know how to pray. As I have no other guidance, I pray in tongues and let the Holy Spirit pray through me. He knows exactly what God’s plans are, exactly how to defeat Satan’s schemes. Sometimes when praying in the Spirit, if I need to know, the Holy Spirt will just let me give me specifics, like: block that person from making it to the meeting on time, or bind that demon of murder, or now pray for confusion and communication breakdowns among the demons coordinating the deceived human beings through whom they are working their evil.

In all this we may be the horseshoe nails. Our role is to pray as prompted to do  and leave the rest up to God.

We will just need to trust him that He is using our prayers to make a difference. Experiences such as I had with my daughter, where she could call confirm that my prayers were on target, should deepen our faith for trusting when dealing with issues where we do not have that kind of confirmation.
I share this with you just to deepen your faith and to encourage you to pay attention to those crazy nudges calling us into prayer.

Merry Christmas! To all of you! And thanks for joining in this great prayer battle so that the meaning of Christmas may be preserved for future generations.
In Christ
Brad Long

P.S. If you have not seen my Christmas greeting thanking all of you for your participation in this great work of advancing the Kingdom of God please click here. I want you to know how much I appreciate you joining in this work of prayer.